iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

FlightDeck wrote:

Abrak wrote:

Is the Eye-fi card showing up in the Photosmith App under eye-fi services? If it is not, this is likely to be your problem and is best solved by re-searching for your ipad through the LR plug-in.

Yes, it shows up, but all it does is alternate between Running and Communicating without ever copying a file. It used to work fine and now it's just useless. For more details, here is the support email I sent to Photosmith today:

Currently if I put the Eye-Fi card in my camera, the card will appear in the iPad WiFi settings but will not get a check mark next to it. In Photosmith the Eye-Fi service shows as Running/Communicating. No files ever transfer to the iPad, even when shooting new images with the camera. The Eye-Fi info in the 5DIII initially says Connecting, then Transferring, then eventually “Error retrieving card info. To retrieve card info, turn camera off and on again” (which does nothing).

If instead I power the card with its USB card reader on my PC, I still get no connection checkmark on the iPad, still get Communicating/Running in Photosmith, and still no files transfer to the iPad from the card.

I almost wonder if something has happened to the card itself.

Ditto for me. Card Upload Key is detected and Service Status is Running until I take a shot and see the icon on the camera then the status alternates between Running and Communicating and it just churns and churns with no result.

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