Auto ISO usability.

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Re: Auto ISO usability.

Thank you everybody, no I am not THE wedding photographer, I don t know who you mean, but I am a pet/ people photographer mainly, I occasionally do shoot weddings, this is the first one I shoot with the d800 and I am nervous as it was my first wedding.
There is very little documentation about this feature on the manual...

So the slider? All the way to the right to do the double the length of the focal length , right? Then the minimum set to 100 ( why not to the 50 iOS?)
And the maximum set to 5000 maybe? Good compromise?
Some people said 6400some other said never beyond 3200....

I would normally shoot in manual mode, however for creativity reason I would normally shoot in aperture priority.
Using this feature, should I shoot in shutter speed priority?
In which mode do you guys find this feature more flexible and usable?
Thanks a lot to each of you.
Great community and help.


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