Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: 1" grd may not happen

rondom wrote:

Well, every Ricoh lover has been drooling over the prospect of the rx100 sensor making into the next grd..very understandable.

I just want to remind you that Sony (which is ricoh's sensor supplier) seems to have developed a new generation of 1 / 1.7 " sensor, and the new nikon coolpix 7700 seems to have that sensor already...
Now, for 1" sensor wishers, this can be bad news....

Much less incentive to tackle the challenges of a new lens design and a new body...grd5 might just be another upgrade a-la- grd4... Not that this is particularly awful, but you might as well prepare yourself if you are craving a larger sensor for grd line.

Good point, but perhaps more the RX100 blowing the CX right out of the water along with quite a few other, often larger, similar-type cameras with small sensors. Only sticker price and availability might slow things down for those that really need to upgrade their zoom-lensed camera.

I don't think "craving" is the exact word - "interested" might be better. I think I would be happy with the particular fast-wide prime lens type and benefits of the GRD if it remained small sensor to keep it's form factor. If there is a way to introduce a larger-sensor performance in the same form factor then we could not help but be interested.

I am quite happy with my GRDIII and will remain so for some time, but I will always be interested in what new products Ricoh might offer.

Likewise cravings for different prime focal lengths and zoom lenses in the GRD will probably remain cravings until Ricoh decide to fit a replaceable lens mount on the body. Should that ever happen and it probably will not.

Now a CX a la RX100, that would be news indeed.

A Subset wrote:

I just stumbled across this new Sony and I'll be damned if it ain't serious competition to the GRD4! For those who have been complaining about fixed lens and small sensor size, check this out.

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