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Re: Cheesycam filter holder set

That's my inclination, though since none are available yet, from what I can see, I won't decide until I know a little more (including pricing and when they will actually ship). I think there's still a reasonable chance I'll choose the cheesycam solution.

A big factor will be: Can I still fit the camera, with filter, in my pocket -- both size-wise, and does the filter pull off or otherwise have trouble in a small pocket or case, when the camera (with filter on) is being put away or taken out for use?

I really wanted something for the holiday weekend coming up, but clearly that is no longer a possibility.

One thing that's not a factor for me: I don't have a library of existing filters.

One thing in addition to price that is a factor: I might want to get a system which let's me use the filters on other camera's I might have, in the future.

Liz Z. wrote:

Thanks Nathan. So are you more inclined towards Jens Faerber's kit, which has setups for either 52mm or 43mm filters, or the Lensmate kit, which will take 49mm ones?

nathanhw wrote:

Liz Z. wrote:

I have been curious about his filter holder kit that is in process of being fabricated.

One way it differs from the available Jens Faerber kit and the not yet available Lensmate kit is that the filters themselves attach to a receiver base unit via magnets, as opposed to being screwed in.

I am wondering if magnets can interact badly with the electronics within the camera (and if I am unclear on the concept, please go easy!).

Magnets shouldn't matter to the camera.

However, I am inclined to go with a solution that has standard industry filter threads, which open up possibilities for filters that may be more flexible.

That said, I think the least bulky solution that gets me in with a good circular polarizer that is easy to adjust quickly and accurately on the fly will likely be what I 'settle' for, as a balance between flexibility and keeping the camera pocketable.

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