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Re: TFT Central ICC Profile

NewsyL wrote:

I have a 2209WA as well but use it under Vista. Looks great.

You don't want to keep using that sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile. It is a profile for use in printing and has no information in it that relates to the electronic character of the 2209WA.

So.... check out the profiles on TFT Central, they have one for the 2209WA.

Many thanks. Their ICC profile make the colours a bit more accurate according to the chart I normally use:

After minor adjustment in AMD Control Centre it is close to perfect. I also set the monitor to 6500K temperature by using values of Red 100, Green 92, Blue 96 for the "Custom (RGB)" colour setting of the monitor.

That's good enough for me. I'm not a serious photographer or anything like that, so I don't really want to spend on a hardware calibrator. That said, the idea of editing photos on a monitor that can only display 1.6% sRGB colours WAS horrifying enough that I spent a little extra to get one with an IPS panel.

@Kim Letkeman: Why did I think that not enough colours were being displayed? Well, the severe and obvious banding in certain photos was one reason. Plus, I know what my photos are supposed to look like. Yesterday was the first time viewing and editing my old photos after Windows 7 and I could tell almost right away something was amiss. It looked to me like a lack of colours, that's all.

Maybe I shouldn't be the one to judge colour though. Recently, I realized that I might be slightly colourblind in my left eye, which seems to have a very slightly greenish tint. The higher rates of colourblindness in men compared to women is a legacy of tens of thousands of years of evolution in hunter-gatherer societies, and accurate colour perception/sensation was not as important for hunting as it was for gathering (i.e. men were the hunters).

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