How is this for a first studio shot?

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Re: How is this for a first studio shot?

sam photo wrote:

....I disagree with most of your assessments...this would be a perfectly acceptable image as far as lighting is concerned in most editorial situations...yeah the guy looks goofy and there needs to be attention to detail in the clothes but lighting wise this is 95 % better than what I generally see on this this site...

The first thing I said was "This is a good first try."

What is good lighting is a matter of taste. I search around looking for a similar shot that used back lighting. It took me a long time to find one. Here is a real world professional white background editorial shot that uses back lighting:

I do not like the back lighting in this picture either, but the back lighting is more subtle than the picture in this thread. The back of the neck is not blown out. The edge of the shoulder has too much light IMHO, but again it is not blown out.

The eye is usually first drawn to the brightest part of the subject in white background pictures like these. You want that to be the face, not the back of the neck.

I think the back light does not improve the Barons shot. This was shot by Brad Trent, a NYC professional photographer that has been doing these kinds of CEO shots for many years. Perhaps some people like that look, although I do not. If you like that look, and I guess Brad Trent does, then don't overdo it and blow out the back of the neck or shoulder.

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