Confused about D800 technique?

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Re: what bobn2 did not tell was

bobn2 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

I don't want to fall into the trap of buying a high grade camera just for pride of ownership!

Why is that a trap? In the end, liking your camera is one of the most important things. Its your money, spend it how you like. Pride of ownership is good and will help you take better photos

. Thanks for the advise, but I am not sure how pride of ownership will help you take better photos?

The human mind is a strange thing. For instance, clinical studies show that the placebo effect works. This is not a fake, if the patient believes that the 'medicine' will have an effect, then it can have. Now photography is not an exact science. You can have excellent equipment and well honed technique, but that will not guarantee that you take good photos. Good photos come from the mind, and the human mind is a strange thing. If you believe that the camera you use will help you take better photos, then you will take better photos. Whether it's confidence, or willingness to try, or just not being cluttered by doubts that stop you seeing the picture, I don't know, but you will take better pictures. My advice is aways buy the camera you like best and feel most comfortable with. Your reasons don't have to be the same as everyone else's, they don't even have to be justifiable to anyone else but you. If you feel at peace with your decision, you will take better photos. Buy the same token, if you feel uncomfortable with your equipment, it will get in the way of your photography. If you have doubts about the pixel count of the D800, don't get it. Your doubts may not be rational or well informed, but they are your doubts, and you're not going to be argued out of them.

I wonder whether this is the same bobn2 that I had known.

Only you know which bobn2 you think you knew.

My memory tells me bobn2 that I had known didn't speak of human mind.

Then you knew a different bobn2.

It seemed to me what he had interest in was axes and spears. Very strange indeed. Now about axes and spears, what bobn2 did not tell was left AF point issue in D800.

This bobn2 does not know facts about the left AF issue. He knows what is written, but what is written is such that it is difficult to discern what is the rue situation. It would be good if someone would to a thorough and objective analysis, such as Rob Galbraith did with the 1DIII issue, but so far no-one has. There is a lot of hysteria, a lot of people testing their camera who know now, and some people who have a problem. My advice would extend to the AF too. If you have doubts, don't get it, it will prey on your mind.

Thom Hogan listed D800 as Not Currently Recommended.

BTW all humans are the descendant of about 600 surviving Homo sapiens; they reached to the point of extinction. To survive I believe the blades of axes and tips of spears must have been as sharp as possible. Unfortunately D800 is not.

Not Currently Recommended*

Unfortunately, at the moment there are enough reports of left AF sensor problems with brand new cameras that I can't recommend the D800 until it is clear that the factory has completely solved that issue.

You've really lost it, haven't you? There are many people very satisfied with their D800's, apparently some not. If you are not satisfied, change it, get something else - simple as that.

This bobn2 seems to be tart and defensive. I don't know what he defends for.

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