New Fuji X-E1 Pics

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Re: Don't expect an X-Pro2 anytime soon

I agree. The OVF is the reason I bought the XP1. Take that away and you just might as well look elsewhere. If you are not a fan of the OVF your style of shooting just is different. But unlike a EVF, an OVF gives you a completely different perspective on composing multilayered stories going on in the foreground and background in street photography. I find it heightens my awareness considerably to see what's going on the the whole shot. Is that necessary? Not for most but it is one of the true benefits of shooting a rangefinder style camera. If you doubt me, take it on the streets with it in manual focus mode, set it at f16, and focus from 3 ft. to infinity and just compose and shoot. The experience is far less satisfying with a EVF with this technique. I am really hoping Fuji doesn't pull a Sony on us and take away OVF's completely.

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