FZ200 F2.8 600mm ISO400 100% crop

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Erik Ohlson
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Setting the record straight.

VincentR wrote, in part:

Anyone who has an editing program like Photoshop will have a great advantage, but such a program will cost more than the camera.

To clarify: "Full PhotoShop" DOES cost a lot!

But - not to worry - I, personally, use PSE8 on an old iMac (OSX 10.4.11) and have never heard of anything CSE does better. I'm sure there must be SOMETHING to justify the extra cost, I've just not heard of it.

PSE is pretty inexpensive, but I got my PSE8 on eBay for even less, and also my earlier PSE4 which is almost as good.

I'm told that Picasa (which I have not tried) is free.

The Topaz DeNoise plugin cost as much as I spent for my PSE8, but is well worth the extra cost for my Mac - if you use a PC, Ximagic Denoiser is free.


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