The D800 is: a small general purpose FX camera

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Re: The D800 is: a small general purpose FX camera

"Small" camera? "Little" camera?

I use a Zeiss 100mm on my D800. I love this combo (both handheld and with tripod), but come on. The thing weighs in at 4 lbs and change.

Yeah okay it's "smaller" than a D3/D4. You're comparing it to MF systems, so yeah it's also smaller than an RB67. It's also smaller than a Volkswagon bus.

The D800 is not "a small camera", and IMO it's imposing no matter what lens you put on it. Any DSLR would be imposing in a street situation and if you think you aren't imposing with your 24-85 on there then you are fooling yourself.

It's all relative I guess. But I would never tell somebody that the D800 is a great "small camera." It just isn't.

E: It is a GREAT camera. Just not a small one

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