FZ200 F2.8 600mm ISO400 100% crop

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Erik Ohlson
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Bird PP

myssvictoria wrote:

Erik, WOW. I've been rather worried about small birds with the FZ200. Can I send my pics to you for pp? I am very surprised at what you were able to pull out. Once the DMW-LA7 hits the streets and I can use a TC, and if I can pull off some pp like you, I think I will be very happy with this camera for birding. Thanks!
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WOW , Thanks and thanks to the others who mentioned it!

I am no way a PP expert. For this I used my regular PSE8 + Topaz DeNoise.

First I just wanted to up the contrast a bit but for some reason I tried Auto Smart Fix which I usually don't use, but if it had done the job, I could have reported that which would be cool.

I liked it, but wanted a bit more, so I did do about 10% more contrast, then I decided to soften the "Noise" so many folks get all excited about, so I did a 40% denoise with the Topaz DeNoise plugin, just enough to rid the wingfeathers of "Chroma Noise".

Then a moderate amount of Unsharp Mask & Sharpening & it was done except for the last step: "File> Save for Web." Oddly, this is designed to reduce file size, but when I use "High, Higher & Highest" IQ setting, it seems to somehow IMPROVE the picture, while greatly reducing file size. Others have noticed this, too.

Anyway, that was all - full disclosure.

As far as I recall, the Bush Tit photos were SOOC. What an experience that was, inside a fennel bush with my camera "conversing" with the birds!

Another Bush Tit shot from that time:

I have never before or since been so close to wild birds.


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