theirs gotta be something wrong.

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Donald B
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Re: theirs gotta be something wrong.

cheers, i have looked at these imagesand its pretty clear the fz150 is sharper at 5.2 compared to 2.8 on the 200 also more contrast. its a shame as i was looking at the 200 to shoot dance concerts , i just shot one on the weekend and took both the fz150 and the oly xz1 left my k7 at home to noisy as i like to get amonst the crowd. the fz150 was great for zoomed in shots but it couldnt compete with the oly wider the oly lens is so sharp wide open 1.8 iso 400 fz150 around 800 to 3200 iso boy the fz150 was pretty clean at iso 3200 better than the k7 ! so for my needs if the 200 at 2.8isnt as sharp as the 150 at 5.2 then it just wont do, their looked to be gosting as well which wont cut it for dance as the dances wear silver costumes at times. any way im very happy with the 150 will stick with it for a while.

cheers don

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