Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Re: Not just higher ISO

Jirka- wrote:

No one mentions the fact that old colour correction filters originally intended for slide film can damage the image by ghosting and fogging because they are flat and often have no MC coating.

Slide film has no exposition latitude - the difference between a perfect exposure and exposure unusable for any serious purpose can be just a half f-stop.

You did not usually need any correction filters except an UV filter for a negative film. Contemporary digital sensors are more similar to a negative film than slide film in terms of DR at low ISO in RAW.

Maybe in some rare circumstances you can get slightly better colours with the filters - but is it worth the trouble and the risk of deterioration of the image quality by a less than perfect optical element?

I would agree and I don't think it's any longer possible to macth what current generation software can do with a color correction filter of old. (except in extremely rare and specific setups)

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