NEX buyer Considering Change.. Advise Appreciated

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Re: NEX buyer Considering Change.. Advise Appreciated

tmaxey1 wrote:

Hello Everyone

I went from a point and shoot user to the newish Sony Nex f3 a few months ago. At first I was in love with my new camera. I have made some nice pictures.

However, the contrast detection auto focus on the Nex just makes me miss so many focus attempts when taking pictures of the kids ect. You know the moments they do something cute and someone says "quick take a picture". When I take the picture too many times the camera focuses on the background or something wrong. When I have time to make sure the focus is accurate or when taking a landscape photo everything is ok. But for moving kids its just missing too many shots. Its driving me nuts. haha

Personally, I would keep F3 and add Sony LA-EA2 adapter. It will not only help make AF faster, it will also allow you to mindlessly shop any Sony/Minolta A-mount lenses.

I have NEX-3 that I picked up for two reasons: as a back up to my SLT-A55 and to enhance my new found love with legacy lenses and manual focusing. I do miss EVF in NEX-3, and hate the user-interface (give me straight forward buttons... a reason I am curious about NEX-5R and NEX-6).

The NEX performs backup duties via LA-EA1, using all my A55 lenses. It isn't an adapter I would recommend if you prefer AF (LA-EA2 would be the one I would). When it comes to pets and kids, I've discovered the world of manual focus and especially with unpredictable movements that we can associate with kids. It can be a bit overwhelming initially, but you may end up falling in love with it, as I did, and NEX will make it easy since I believe we can predict movements better than most cameras out there... especially when there is less consistency (for example, shooting a fast moving car in one direction will provide predictability to a fast AF system, but on a zig-zag course, not so much):

But, if you must have an AF, and want to invest in another system, consider A77.

Also with the Nex camera it seem that it takes a long time to take a picture. Meaning i half press the shutter and then have to wait a long time in many cases before the camera will shot a shot. When I am in stores trying out DSLR's they seem to take pictures very quick. Its almost instantly. A quick click and the picture in taken.

I think NEX cameras are above average in that regard. The response time isn't bad compared to others. It just may be that AF itself is slow (for me, that is mostly a moot point, unless using my kit zoom lens in which case, speed isn't something of a priority). With manual focus, it is almost instantaneous.

I am trying to understand why the Canon and Nikon cameras seem to be so much more popular than the Sony Alpha when the Sony seems to have more features built in with the different shooting effects ect.

Marketing and general awareness among the consumers. Sony is also relatively unknown in DSLR world, as there have been "Sony" DSLRs only since 2006.

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