Anticipation of new toys!!

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Re: Anticipation of new toys!!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

In short I followed the process...

1. Clone existing drive with SuperDuper

2. Install SSD into main slot (in MBP) since OWC said 6G drives had issues in Opt. Bay.

3. Install HD into old optical bay
4. Boot to HD (hold down option key at startup)
5. Use Disk Utility to format SSD

6. Connect Thunderbolt Drive and used Disk Util to "restore" the SuperDuper DMG to the new SSD (took 8minutes)

7. Verify with a few restarts that the SSD was installed properly, aka drool at 18sec startup times!

8. Use Disk Util to wipe old HD now in Opt. Bay.

I am not as worried about the Recovery Partition as I plan to store data on the 750gb drive and OS/Apps on the SSD... I will create a new DMG on my TB drive and update it as I add apps, but that will leave me todays DMG as a "spare" bootable recovery volume.

Thanks all for the help.

I am now the proud owner of a 17in 2011 MBP with 2.2Ghz Quadcore i7, 16GB of RAM, 240GB OWC Ext. Pro SSD + 750GB 5400rpm HD..... life is complete (sorta).
Patrick D.

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