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Ive bought stuff from Herman the H in B&H the B being his wife...back in the 70's over the phone from adds found in the back of photographic magazines... where the last three or four pages were filled with adds from camera shops.... this was way before the Internet craze... Ive spent in excess of 10,000 dollars there, and have never had a bad experience..

Today they boast of handling 5000 customers a day.

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Bill aka EO

B&H is not their names lol....its short for the hebrew expression "behezrat hashem" ...something like god willing ....its actually rlly clever they choose it for that and their names but for that firstly.

The company name, "B&H," is derived from the first names of our founder/owner and his wife. Other interpretations including "behezrat hashem," and "beards-n-hats," are amusing but fanciful.

BTW I saw the comment, "all of the associates are hardcore Jews :-)" Many of our employees are orthodox Jews, including modern-orthodox, Hasidic, etc. Many others are not observant Jews or not Jewish at all. I know some of our observant Jewish employees are particularly noticeable due to clothes or hair style choices but a careful look around will reveal our staff is actually as diverse as NYC itself.

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Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

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