SX40 settings - suggestions what works well, what to avoid?

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Re: SX40 settings - suggestions what works well, what to avoid?
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No one setting works well for everything. I have 3 SZs including the SX40hs. All are set to factory settings with a few exceptions. Leave the dial at 'P' mode unless extra ordinary requirements call for a manual override (Tv/Av) Dial in -1/3 EF to avoid most highlight clipping. Set the focus/ exposure box to medium size. Fix the ISO to 100 (change as needed with the 4 way). Set 'I-Contrast' in the shortcut button but rarely use it. Set one of the 'custom' buttons to a slow shutter, wide aperture, ISO 400 for night shots. SCN modes can be helpful for odd occasions but use sparingly. Don't use digital zoom (do this in post). Use the EVF for most standard shots, breath 1/2 way out- hold, press shutter slowly to get a good green box then all the way. Try for 'medium' zoom, both ends cause problems but they are often required.

The main point is to shoot a lot, 2 or 3 of everything and throw out. Use the 'delete' button a lot. Post processing is necessary on 99.9 %. Use flash sparingly and buy a small external with bounce. Keep settings on 'best quality' (Large/min. compression).

There are a 100 optional settings. For the most part stick to the minimum until you get comfortable with the basics, then experiment. These are P&S cameras so the old KISS principal works well.
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