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Re: What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk?

Life? Outside of this web forum? Preposterous!

What could be more fun that chewing over the same issues, bringing back variations on the same viewpoints, word smithing and cheese paring as art?

In case anyone actually reads this comment, don't take offense, please. Some of that is of course part of the process. Look where it's taken the discussion of a unified theory of everything in even loftier circles. It's just that after a while, worrying the same bone for a scrap of meat, (or for vegetarians, scraping the same sweet potato skin for a bit of flesh), becomes less satisfying, and as has been pointed out, pales by comparison to life outside this friendly little cyberspace. As founders and other stalwarts bring back various exotica from new experiences between equipment and reality, I suspect we'll see folks return from time to time. Even I.

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