$1500 FF? Will it make you reconsider...

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$1500 FF? Will it make you reconsider...

So rumors are pointing to both Nikon and Cannon releasing/showing new full fram models that will sell for around $1500(USD) at realease.

Personally I think this is pretty reasonable considering Sony hit $1950(USD) .

My larger question is this:

Would a $1500 FF make you considerswitching systems?

Personally it certainly gives me second thoughts. Espcially if sony releases a FF nex system. I know the lense will be larger, but it should be fairly managable with primes.

Also I think a $1500 FF price point marks the beginning of the end for the crop systems from Cannon, Nikon and Sony. Which explains the Nikon 1 perfectly.

Once the volume on FF sensor manufactureing ramps up it will only drive the prices on the next generation lower.

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