make a non-swivelable shoe-flash swivelable for better bounce

Started Aug 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
gisle Senior Member • Posts: 2,468
You're right

shademaster wrote:

I am pretty sure it only works with Samsung SLRs (rebranded Pentax), not the mirrorless NX. Some sellers list them as "NX compatible", but the TTL pins changed on NX relative to the Pentax, so it's impossible that it's actually Pentax SLR AND Samsung NX compatible.

Yes, looking at the Pentax and Samsung NX hot-shoes, I see that they're different. And looking closely at the product photo of the SC-01 universal flash shoe cord that Google turns up "for Samsung NX10" I now see that it is only compatible with the Pentax layout.

My apologies for giving you a red herring.
– gisle [ See profile/plan for equipment list ]

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