My Tamron 24-70mm 2.8VC just arrived

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Re: My Tamron 24-70mm 2.8VC just arrived

inasir1971 wrote:

Could you check the VC system. I am using with a D4 and D800 and with the D4 VC on degrades images at shutter speeds above 1/20s, being worst at 1/80s. Tested two units at store with a D800 and both had the same issue. With D800 degrades above 1/40s worst again at 1/80s. Definitely connected to shutter vibration as delayed exposure or liveview present no problems.

Your shots are all at shutter speeds where the problem doesn't show up (below 1/20s or well over 1/hudredths of a second)

Here is what I'm seeing with the D4 (at 70mm).

Hello again,

Sorry for the many shots, as I don't know how to combine them, like in your illustration. hehehe.

I made the images brighter, purely so that you can see the wording better.

I set my lens at 70mm and was on my knees doing the following handheld Shutter speed test shots.

I agree with you that the VC degrades at those speeds that you mention. Do you see that in my photos?

Does that mean above 1/30th shutter speed, its best to switch VC off?

If any other members have the same issues or any tips, please share.


I just uploaded a handful to show you.

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