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Re: I took a look at the IR comparameter and....

Jimmyjoebob wrote:

Mike C wrote:

Please don't put a 1600 sample from the RX100 next to the LX7 1600 sample. The sensor results differences are humbling.

Not to beat a dead horse, but LX7 lens is 1-2 stops faster so the more fair comparison is RX100 at 1600 against LX7 at 400 to 800.

At the longest focal length, its about a two stop difference, but at the wide end, at 28mm equivalent, its only about half a stop (f1.5 vs f1.8). The RX100 sensor is about 2-2.5 stops better. So at the wide end the RX100 still wins by a good amount. That said, the controls and UI of the LX7 blows the doors off the RX100, at least to me. If low light shooting is a big priority, the RX100 is the best of the bunch at this point. If its not, there are very compelling reasons to go with the LX7 instead. I'm still wrestling with which one to return...


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