Taking the 5D3 plunge

Started Aug 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Here is a different perspective..........

Oh, no, please do not get me wrong! It is indeed worthy of consideration for the purposes where convenience is a priority. It beats 24-70 in range, weight, and IS, but not in speed, DOF, or IQ. Both have a purpose. I have been vocal against the kit lens, because I believe it is not the lens for making memories, unless a better lens cannot be used under the circumstances.

In my view the 24-105 is the best "memory maker" in the EF line-up.

Its size, weight, focal range, and IS, make it an ideal all-in-one, hi-light-low light lens.

Many togs give up on FF because they have been lugging a beast like the 24-70.
The 24-105 is less likely to push you off FF.

It is perfect for someone needing a single-lens solution to a photographic endeavor.

It will have certain limitations (DOF) but any optical deficiency can be virtually eliminated in post.

Just a thought.......

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