just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

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Re: Probably operator error

mcslsk wrote:

You should really consider a different profession, nothing to do with photography. I have been using my 7D before and after firmware 2.0 w/o any issues and so have many people that I know.

mforbes wrote:

I understand you perfectly, you are a working professional and bought a camera that will not focus, welcome aboard. And all these other "professionals" are telling you it is a bad lens, two in your case, cheap filters, poor technique and it's all your fault and not the 7D.

Remember, these are the same clowns that think the should get the Pulitzer Prize if their neighborhood newspaper publishes a shot they took of Grandma's rose bush. As one working guy with a camera to another, take it back and get something else, 60D, D7000, anything but a 7D. You have already wasted enough time because you got another defective 7D, put it behind you move on and get something else. Don't be that guy that spent hours doing MFAs, swapping lenses, sending in his camera numerous times, and then finally realizing he would be better served with a different model. Dump it and move on.

Remember, this mforbes is the same moron who complained that his 7D couldn't do things that it actually can, because he hadn't bothered to read the manual. He periodically pops back up on this forum to bash a camera he was incapable of understanding.
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