D90 sellers upgrading to what?

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Re: Rental?

mehigh wrote:

I have a D90 for more than 2 years already and I still don't see any reason to upgrade to another DX body.

There is only one newer camera released that's better than the D90, and that is the D7000. But the ISO capabilities of the D7000 bring minor improvements (not enough to make me change), micro focus adjustments (cool feature) and a bunch of scary stories about misaligned and oiled stained sensors. I don't care about any video features, that's why I don't mention them.

Sorry to say but the D7000 doesn't have very good publicity.

For me it's more important to stick with the D90 as I barely shot 25.000 photos with it, a far cry from the 150.000 limit and buy some additional glass.

By shooting RAW and then using the new LR 4.1 I can say that the D90 gained new life and with programs like Topaz Denoise, this camera can still be used until at least 2015 with absolutely no issue.

I agree with you on all your points here and have a very similar experience. I am a satisfied customer and expect to remain so for a while adding glass and software as needed.

But if you have a lot of money to blow then do as you please and buy the latest toys if that makes you happy.

This reads a little harsh. If someone gave me a D800 at a killer price, I would definitely consider it. Perhaps the D600 will be my first upgrade. Probably not though. I tend to use my gear (cars, stereo equipment, etc,) until it fails.

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