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Gene L. wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

...And yes, it's the person not the camera, but a good camera makes it easier for a good photographer. If that were not true, I'd have a point and shoot in my studio. I'd carry m4/3rd on contract events. Don't let that old saying be an excuse for suggesting less than what the OP may want.

I agree that a digicam would be likely a step backwards. The OP was not complaining about image quality, but more of a wanting additional focal lengths without incurring the size penalty of a DSLR and it's lenses. I don't do street photography, but do recall reading a that most of them prefer rangefinder cameras for their diminutive size and silent shutter. Given that there are Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses with outstanding image quality, that would seem to best fit the need.
-Gene L.

You are right about me wanting a smaller camera but unfortunately it comes at the price of IQ. I did consider the micro four thirds cameras and lenses but the photographs from a full frame camera just have that something special about them...don't know maybe its just me but thats how i saw it. I went on flickr and went through loads of pics from m43 and FF and did notice the difference in IQ. The OMD looked very appealing initially but honestly the pics taken by it looked very digitalized and a bit flat. Not enough DOF and possibly thats the smaller sensor.

Thanks for your reply but i think at this point I'm more interested in a FF camera with fast auto focus. I did try a Rangefinder for a few months but had a very hard time with manual focus due to weak eyes. I had trouble seeing the Rangefinder patch clearly even with a 1.25 magnifier!

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