Nex7 vs DP2M new crops from tiffs uprezzed to match sony

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Re: Here are the raws

docmaas wrote:

BTW the way I think you misunderstood my comment about the lens improvement on the other forum.

It is always possible. There have been two totally separate issues involved, the color cast and aliasing, and I may have browsed some posts too carelessly.

I was speaking of the complete disappearance of the magenta cast on the Nex-7 after the camera was modified compared to what it was like before the modification when shooting with the Contax G 28mm biogon.

I wonder how you have tested it, as the magenta cast depends on the ambient light spectrum, focus distance and aperture.

If the color cast disappeared completely, that alone would be a good reason for me to rip off the filter. Do you have any before/after samples? I'd be delighted to see some.

(maybe this discussion should move to the Sony forum as Sigma is not really much involved any more?)

Why would that magenta cast and the associated blur no longer be there if the aa filter had not been removed? What could be removed that would give that result.

That is a good question. Maybe they removed the IR filter insead? Or maybe for some reason they changed a stronger IR flter in place of the original? As (if I understood correctly) the thickness of the optical stack remained the same and the glass replacing the AA-filter were of approximately the same refractive index (can't be the same as with the AA filter polarization is part of the refractive index defining function), there is really no reason for this improvement.

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