Nex7 vs DP2M new crops from tiffs uprezzed to match sony

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Aku Ankka
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Re: Here are the raws

docmaas wrote:

Aku Ankka wrote:

docmaas wrote:

Guido FORRIER wrote:

i use dropbox :

Sony f5.6:

Sigma f5.6:

Thank you.

I have no idea where the literally stamp sized crops you presented in the original post are cropped from, so I'll play with an approximately 500x500 crop from the center. I will only play with the NEX files for now as I don't have SPP at the moment.

I only quickly glanced at the photo and two things are obvious:

  • The AA-filter has not been removed - I don't know what MaxMax did to your camera, but one thing they didn't do is removing the low pass filter. You should ask for refund or try sending the camera back.

What leads you to that conclusion?

It is possible I was too early in my judgement - wriing early in the morning during the first cup of coffee is not wise.

Anyhow, the image is lacking in severe aliasing (certainly not more than I get from my lenses and the N7) - it is far from optimal for detecting any though. Something is blurring the image, so either there is still an AA-filter, or there is some smudging on the sensor surface (wet cleaning might be in order, though if it's inbetween the toppings...), or the Sigma lens is a bit soft even in the center stopped down (it certainly has some CA).

I wonder if you can take a shot of some standard shooting target (to allow for aliasing and moire inspection)? It would be interesting. And preferrably with the Contax 45 at f/4. I am curious as the performance is not what it should be.

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