SX40 settings - suggestions what works well, what to avoid?

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Re: SX40 settings - suggestions what works well, what to avoid?

krewzer wrote:

Have been reading all the useful information on this forum about the SX40 - I saw enough pros to get one for a cruise to Hawaii next month.

Ooh, that'll be fun! Especially for something like that I'd recommend a polarizer. Does wonders for the water, foliage, and sky... I personally went with Lensmate and a B+W:

Though this admittedly isn't technique advice.

I was wondering if anyone has specific suggestions about settings to either use or avoid. For example based on what I've read, a 4:3 aspect ratio seems to be best to maximize future usefullness (I can always crop post processing to whatever size print I'll make).

Just to make sure it's clear, it's not really the 4:3 aspect ratio so much as that is the native ratio of the sensor (4000x3000 pixels) so using anything else just crops off data and throws it away in-camera.

As to a direct response to your actual question? I'm having trouble with totally general rules. For my backyard birding I use either manual or spot metering and the small focus box on shutter priority around 1/250s. In general, I think that any sort of blur is the worst thing to have so pushing up shutter speed to whatever you need to eliminate motion and camera shake is important. With CHDK you could do RAW/DNG processing and pick the noise vs. detail tradeoffs after the fact.

Perhaps if you could share your preference of types of shots you could get more focused responses? You'd also be welcome to ask about any particular shots of mine:

Not necessarily that they are great photos, just that it can help me to talk about particular scenes. Those are not all SX40, but mostly.

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