Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

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Re: An equation with too many unknown variables

Thank you for bringing this method of measuring in camera SD card data transfer rates to our attention. You have shown that it is possible to infer a usable cache memory size and write speed for the A57 camera, as well as throughput write speeds from the cache to our available SDHC memory cards in the A57 merely by holding the still image record button down a single time while watching the sweep second hand on a clock.

No computer required, except perhaps to determine the size of raw files.

But I have tested a representative sample of my inventory of fast Class 4 through slow Class 10 cards and see no point in continuing to abuse my new camera in this manner at this time. After all, it was necessary to wait several months for a model without the A55's overheating issues and small form factor and I do not wish to soon purchase another. G' day.

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