D800 White Balance. Yay or Nay

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Try QPCard

Zane Paxton wrote:

coresare wrote:

Am I the only one who thinks the D800 auto white balance sucks?
Does anyone get auto white balance nailed most of the time by camera?

If you already have a color calibrated monitor, why do things half way and complain about it? Fundamentally, there is no camera on the planet that will nail every situation perfectly. NONE.

Bite the bullit and get the rest of the needed kit. Buy the X-RITE ColorChecker Passport, but only if you really want the best that the camera can deliver.

I had the ColorChecker but the green colors was very difficult to get right (also with my Canon 7D). Also blue could be a bit off.

I bought the QPcard and now I get very good colors with the profiles I generated from that card.

I also bought the WhiBal card and uses that often. Takes a photo with that to get the color temp correct and adds the color profile from the QPCard in LR later. Very satisfied with that solution.

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Basically, forget about "easy" or "automagical" results. You own a very sophisticated device, so use it like one. Just flip out the handy color chart and take a shot of it for reference in every different light situation. It's not hard to do and the result are terrific. This is required if you want optimal results from any make or model....

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