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To rsbones and others -- about the XZ-1 Tips at http://jon404.com/xz1tips.htm apologies for kidnapping your tips without attribution -- I was in too much of a hurry to post the collection. Went through it tonight and made notes crediting everyone I could find. If I've missed some of you, e-mail me at jon404@yahoo.com, and I'll get it straight!

Also, I put a note at the bottom of the XZ-1 Tips webpage, that it is all non-copyrighted public domain info. For me, this is a personal project, and I have no plans to sell the material. Although, sure seems like there's room for SOMEBODY to write a decent XZ-1 help book! But not me. I'm an amateur, photography is a hobby, and writing about the XZ-1 should be done by somebody who knows a lot more about all this than I do.
Jonathon Donahue -- Olympus XZ-1 tips at http://jon404.com/xz1tips.htm

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