Konica Minolta Lens on Sony Alphas

Started Aug 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jim Funston Senior Member • Posts: 1,698
Re: Konica Minolta Lens on Sony Alphas

To be honest..... the old KM lenses can have some issues when used on a a77. To avoid these issues it is suggested to turn off the electronic front shutter if the KM aperture blades move to slow to keep up with certain shutter speeds. I use my KM glass without issues on my a33 but my 17-35mm, 28-75mm, and 100-300 KM glass all has shown the banding on my a77 with elect front shutter on so I make my life easy and don't use them on the a77 at all.

This issue is documented in the a77 owners manual as well.

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