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Jim N'AZ Veteran Member • Posts: 7,490
Tandaina, try this to know when shutter is open/closed

Mount a flash and set it at a lower output so as not to interfere with exposure in any way.

Now, set up the camera/flash to fire on second curtain while using TTL flash (this gives you two separate flash bursts). With your long exposures that you are using, you will see a measuring flash fire when the shutter first opens, then, at the point that the shutter starts to close, the main flash burst will fire. Now you can tell when the shutter opens, how long it remains open, and when it closes, by watching these individual flash bursts.

If you have very low power set on the flash, it should easily keep up for the 10 exposures you are using.
Regards, Jim

Tandaina wrote:

I had it do the 10 shots in a row because MOST of them are me being knocked about by waves or moving at the wrong time and thus blurry and ghosted. Got only a very few were I managed to hold still that long!

(And was far enough away i couldn't hear the shutter go so had to guess when the camera was exposing and when it wasn't. All around I had a hard time not laughing through most of the shoot.)

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