Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

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Re: Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

Thanks TBcass for your support, Mr Galbraith used a Canon 5D MK111 for the test I am referring which was only released recently.

The top card produced 79 frames for 30 seconds and the nearest 20mb card a class 6 produced 39 frames.

Now dont ask me whether that means individual frames one JPEG and one RAW or whether he divided by two or what because i dont understand the structure of his methodolgy in deciding why to shoot RAW plus JPEG and how he translated that result.

i can't explain the difference except to say maybe the canon is working against the slower cards

Also he tested the D800E and the 800 which showed very low frame rates for the 30 second test and then placed this note regarding the test result for that camera

Note: An apparent bug in the D800/D800E (firmware A:1.00 B:1.00) causes the camera to sometimes write to UHS-1-capable SDHC and SDXC cards at much-slower-than-UHS-1 speeds. We were able to workaround the problem by pulling the battery briefly, then inserting the card and not reformatting it (affected cards were instead FAT32- or exFAT-formatted using Disk Utility on a Mac prior to insertion). The slowdown is not consistent - some cards would exhibit the problem during JPEG testing but not NEF, or vice versa - and appears to impact SDXC more often than SDHC. In all instances the workaround worked, so the test results do show the camera's true UHS-1 write speed abilities when not tripped up by this problem.

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