Can someone recommend good inexpensive wireless flash triggers?

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Re: A guide here -

I think I was more critical, or more to the point clearly stated the limitations of the Odins etc, than most of the other reviews I have read.

I've spent a lot of time dealing with a number of the Chinese companies over the last few years beta testing etc, and it takes a huge amount of patience and persistence to have any effect on the products at all.

Phottix on the other hand are originally a European company now mostly based in China so they are a lot easier do deal with, but they also take a very different aproach regarding quality etc to start with. This is a perfect example, if there was an issue with the Strato battery life once they know about it they would be straight onto fixing it. That simply wouldn't be the case with with many of the other Chinese companies. I would certainly let them know too, but not expect any improvements to happen in an hurry.

But you get what you pay for, many of the cheaper products do offer a lot of features for a low price, but theres only so much they can offer in the way of service and refinements etc for that low price.

If you really think there is an issue with the Strato you have or had just let them know.

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