5N+SEL18200 - AirShow - Let's Battle

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Re: 5N+SEL18200 - AirShow - Let's Battle

Manual mode was an interesting challenge. I really dont like the ring on the SEL18200 as mine moves a little bit too freely. I also kept getting confused as to which way I was focusing. Having aperture at 8 or so it can be tough to tell as virtually everything is in focus. At times though I would have it in manual and it would be locked into the area where the planes were flying and I was just snapping away when they were peaked in yellow. Honestly I am not sure which of these I used that technique for but it was possible.

The AFS-C mode was tricky. I felt like it was working at times but the pictures were coming out blurry. Also when I tried to take a picture of anything that wasnt moving it would completely blur it out. That was driving me nuts so I eventually just went back to all APS-S. Also using multi target on auto helped as it stood a better chance of catching what I was trying to shoot as it was moving through the LCD screen.

What was the 20 dollar view finder helper you found? I was having one hell of a time seeing my screen. The sun was crazy bright and I couldn't see it with sun glasses on. I almost fell over like three times recording videos while holding the camera straight up and then looking into the sun a few times, all the while trying to track on the LCD. I must have looked crazy. Luckily people were looking to the sky!

Also to see the same shot as you have with the 55-210 look at the first commenter in the thread after my OP. He has an entire album he shot of the Angels you can compare too. You guys both did good work though!

GaryW wrote:

Here are a couple of photos from a recent airshow. I used the Minolta 100-300 APO with the Nex-5, so everything was manually focused. I didn't get as many keepers as when I use AF, but I felt like I needed the reach and wanted to try the Nex-5 (which has the advantage of more pixels than my DSLR).

Even with my DSLR, I would use the 100-300APO (which is small for a tele lens) and sometimes a teleconverter, and it was a much smaller combo than what many photographers use. Don't be intimidated by those expensive cameras and lenses -- you may not get as many keepers, but you can still get some great results. You might have to work a bit harder. Manual focus takes a lot of effort, particularly with something this fast-moving. It would be interesting to see how this compares to a 55-210 using continuous focus mode.

This 2nd photo, I had printed at 8x10", and it looks great. I could print it a lot larger. Lots of detail.

I did "cheat" a little bit. I bought a $20 rear screen viewfinder, and that enabled me to clearly (relatively) focus in the bright daylight.
Gary W.

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