just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

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Re: live view focus got nothing to do with VF focus .

sstephan wrote:

LV focus is contrast based directly from sensor , it will always be the most accurate , but slow.

VF focus is phase detect focus , and its measured from the focusing screen at the bottom of the camera .

just because you get perfect focus with LV doesnt mean your lens is fine . it just means that the motor inside the lens "works" .
try with a different lens first , canon lens will be best .

This sounds a good answer.
This is my frustration now.

I thought problem is the camera so I went to exchange camera, but problem still there.

so maybe I should exchange lens. but how come I got both lens problem.....I think the odds is very very low.....

Maybe I should stop exchange. just sent camera and lens to sigma, let them calibrate

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