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Re: Sigma Advanced Compacts

john10001 wrote:

To me it does seem to be mainly a stills camera though. I shoot a lot of video. I also if I decided to eventually switch to a Sigma would find it difficult to decide between the 28 and 41mm. If they made one camera that combined both these, and added better video support then that would make things very interesting. I do wonder though which lens people find that Sigma gets the best from in terms of end results for the camera and sensor, the 28 or 41mm?

It sounds to me like you're deciding between the DP1 Merrill and the DP2 Merrill. The DP1M has a 28mm equivalent focal length, and the DP2M has a 45mm equivalent focal length. If you like taking photos of "memories", you probably want the wider angle. If you take photos from a distance, or if you want to take portraits or any kind of photos with "bokeh", then you want the longer focal length of the DP2 Merrill.

The lens quality is so high, I think I will seriously consider buying both cameras eventually, especially if I can get them cheaper by waiting for a price drop.

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