I need a new Chair

Started Aug 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
pdqgp Forum Pro • Posts: 10,611
I love mine

All this talk of some very high end chairs is interesting. I am sure there's something to them but some of the prices are crazy high. Again, I suppose for some worth it.

I bought the one I'm in now for about $300 from a big box office store some time ago and love it. Has all the adjustments I need and is more than comfy. In fact my wife laughs as I have my main editing PC in the back of our family room but it's within great eyesight of our big screen and I sit in it more than our expensive recliners and sofa in the family room. Yeah, it's that conformed to my butt I suppose.

My insight, go sit in them at the stores and try them out vs just looking online.

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