G12 or Nikon p7100?

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Re: G12 or Nikon p7100?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not becoming a Canon "fanboy". I just believe in the best tool for the job

That's something that the OP and everybody else should remember. In this case, G vs. P series, Canon puts out a better and more usable product. With SLR's, a Nikon owner could argue that his camera is a better and more usable product, and I'd have a hard time arguing it, seeing as Nikon creates world class SLR's.

Which begs the question, why is Nikon so clearly behind the curve once you get below the SLR level. They certainly have the expertise to build world class compact cameras, their SLR expertise proves that.

I'd love to see a Nikon exec have to answer that question..."Sir, your SLR product line is one of, if not the class of the world, so why does your compact line suck so spectacularly?"

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