Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Vitruvius wrote:

That is what I was suspecting, thanks for the link. very interesting and makes total sense. I just don't know why digital photogs these days don't use filters then.

I would note that the linked thread also points to the luminous-landscape articles on the subject. With the exception of a ND filter and POL filters.

" .....color that was saturated using PhotoShop, is cleaner with more pleasing colours than the enhancement filtered but magenta-corrected one on the right. My take therefore is that the use of a colour enhancing filter is largely redundant if you will be processing your images digitally prior to output. Even if you are using traditional printing means then you will have to correct for a major magenta imbalance that seriously compromises the benefits of the filter to begin with."

With the abilities of CS6 and associated 3rd party plugins....I reall see no need for color filters any longer.

" ....that a colour enhancing filter is essentially redundant if you use digital image processing techniques. Simply put, whatever these filters can do can be done better in PhotoShop.

That really seems to be the case when doing side by side comparisons with current gen software.

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