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Re: FL-600R rather than the FL-36

By the way, I have a G2, and a flash this size doesn't feel awkward to me. I'm sure something like the FL-50 would though, as that would be comparatively quite large and heavy relative to the camera..

DElliott wrote:

I see a lot of recommendations of the FL-36. I've had the FL-36 for a few years, and enjoy using it quite a bit. It's a nice size, and I've been able to get a lot of great pictures with it. But now that the FL-600 is out, the only reason to consider the FL-36 (or 36R) might be price.

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The FL-600 offers a much better swiveling capability (FL-36 is more limited in one direction than the other, which I find annoying).

--The FL-600 recycle time will be much, much better, as it uses 4 AAs rather than 2.
--The FL-600 has an LED video light (not sure how useful it will prove to be).

I will likely replace my FL-36 with an FL-600 in the future.

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