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Re: We don't know

Here's some examples: The first 5 are before I added +2/3rd exposure compensation, that last 5 are after. You will also note that I boosted the shutter speed as I found the sharpness lacking (maybe the kids are just faster than they used to be).

Overall I guess I'm not that disappointed with either, but the histograms definitely took a shift to the right (as one would expect!) and if the addage "expose to the right" means what I think it does, then that's what I did.

The conclusion I'm reaching is acutally that my LCD may show a little darker than the files reveal on the computer. I know you're not supposed to use the LCD's to judge the exposure (at least not exclusively), but the feedback is hard to ignore - that's why I was sure to check the histograms as I chose to make the shift.

As for "looney auto-ISO," there are many ways to skin the cat, and that's an interesting one I will try. Experience shutter-bugs tend to preach shooting in manual, but in a dynamic shooting like in a soccer game, I see no reason not to use the camera to help you adjust the exposures (faster than I can) while I focus on the action and the composition. One of the beauties of the digital age is that we CAN change the ISO, unlike in the days of film where either you had multiple cameras, or had to change film.

Any constructive thoughts are welcome. If you want to label something looney then keep it to yourself.

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