Vignetting from Filters with a 20 or 24 mm Wide Prime

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Re: Vignetting from Filters with a 20 or 24 mm Wide Prime

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

If you are using FX you cannot get an even pol colour saturation effect in a normal landscape wider than 35mm
Leonard Shepherd

I have found that vignetting occurs with a Nikon slim polarizer at less than 30mm and with the SR Duo-Variable ND at 31mm.

When using the step-up rings I can easily go to 24mm with no issues. My filters will not stack. If I choose to use a graduated ND in addition to either filter I have to hand hold it. There is just enough thread on the Nikon slim to hold a lens cap but not another filter.

The SR filter also has umnanagable polarizing issues when pushed beyond 5 or maybe 6 stops at wide perspectives. When used on 50mm and above these issues do not appear.


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