105mm + 2x teleconverter = ultra macro

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105mm + 2x teleconverter = ultra macro

Works way better than I'd thought it would.

Yesterday evening, out teaching my dogs some new frisbee stunts, and this little guy (or more accurately compared to other insects, big guy) flew over and landed on top of the large green plastic tunnel. Hurried the dogs in the house, grabbed the D800e and an SB900 with diffuser, and he was still there when I got back.

First, the autofocus worked fine even at almost 7pm with seriously dim light from the hour of the day, plus heavy overcast. The SB900 continues to make me crazy with its tendency to overexpose with the D800e (but flawless exposure with D700)... The vignetting was added in post - the combo doesn't vignette at all, but as a great photographer once said, the pictures not done until you burn in the corners...

Cropped only horizontally, to get to a 16x20 format. Insufficient depth of field at f13 to cover the whole head... This is just about max closeup.

at f11 from a bit more distance, I can get the whole head but DOF is still under a quarter inch.

A bit farther back and I can get the front half of the head in focus at f14.

No, he wasn't posing... I was crawling around on the ground to get angles that he'd follow with his head, so that I'd have "human-like" poses... going to do some "monster" t-shirts.

Cleaning his antenna, guess the reception wasn't good.

Just shy of max closeup.

Some full body shots.

Been working with the lens/converter combo with other subjects too, with and without flash. VR can't do much for you at this distance. The 2x converter isn't any worse or better than the 1.4 or 1.7. Some of the really unusual moths I've shot, you can count the hairs on their compound eyes if you have a 3/4 body shot and pull it up to 100%.

Still am likely to get the Sigma 180mm macro once it's out, but meantime this is a great tool for skittish subjects.

Nikon D700 Nikon D800E
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Flat view
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