Simple Red Eye Removal Software??

Started Aug 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
ozarktroutfisher OP Contributing Member • Posts: 533
Re: Simple Red Eye Removal Software??

Thanks Sam. I just tried that software and it works, but you must import one picture at a time. I really need to be able to rapidly go through a folder and only fix the ones that require fixing.

I sure miss Vista. It was much faster for me to blow through the pics, crop and fix red eye as I went. I'd then go to ViewNX II for any additional PP. ViewNX has everything I need except it takes longer to crop because it doesn't open a preview crop box in the same aspect ratio as the previous picture you just fixed. With each new picture you have to hit start and draw your own box instead of just stretching an existing box and dragging it around. I know it sounds silly, but 10 extra seconds per picture adds up when you're trying to upload 250 shots at midnight.


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