Olympus clarifies: it is about 4/3 lenses, not a new 4/3 body

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E-5 vs EM-5

For me there is more to making the SHG lenses usable then just the AF speed.

I like to shoot nature, both landscapes and wildife - and am using both the E5 and EM-5,

Love the portability of the mFT system for hiking, and the ability to get reasonable reach

with a small lens. Hate the AF system for wildlife. It is more the the focus speed.

Two differences: the spot size and the ergonomics. The AF system of the E-5 can select

the eyeball of an animal hidden in brush or behind branches that the mFT can not.

The E-5 has a much better user interface for wildlife. The lack of a mode dial (much criticized when the E-3 was introduced) allows easy access to my modes. It is easy to switch from a mode for a nesting bird to one in flight. It is also easy to select a different focus point - while using the eyepiece.

With lenses like the 300, 150, 90-250, 50-200 +TC's four thirds is very close to being an excellent wildlife and sports setup. Fix the AF system and use the improved sensor and it is a competitive system.

But I expect them to just add the ability to just add PDAF to a mFT body. It would be

a welcome improvement, but I would continue to use the E-5 with the big lenses.

So close.
Jeff Taylor

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