I was banned for 7 days

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Re: Err

I think you will find there is no smoke without fire princess. Learn from your experience, that is what life is about.

Princess Leia wrote:

Never. 100% sure...and note, the admin was talking about this site not a particular forum!

Chato wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

I agree, I smell something fishy....

You"ve started political threads on other forums besides this one, or have you forgotten?


smallcams wrote:

Is this really what they wrote to you? If so, then they unfairly singled you out because that's ALL this forum includes. POLITICAL DISCOURSE!

Personnel at DPR probably are left wingers.

Princess Leia wrote:

because of this...

"Administrator notes:

This is a photography site, not a forum for political discourse. Having your opinions is fine but they have nothing to do with this site ."

So any Obama fanatics here like BRJR, Chato, Mamal, Brian, Wheatfield etc... were you banned for posting pro Obama news?

Furthermore, it is clear that politics or any non photographic topics is ok to be discussed on this Off topic" forum.

"Welcome to the Off Topic Forum, you may use this forum to discuss almost any non-photography related subjects as long as you abide by the usual posting rules, including those relating to the use of offensive language and trolling. Note that due to excessive spamming, trolling and flaming on both sides of the argument, the discussion of religion is no longer allowed in this forum. Just to be clear on this: threads started on a religious topic will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned. Off topic messages posted to other forums may be moved here. This forum contains 115,499 messages in 4,833 threads, please search before asking a question."

Either change the description of the "Off topic" forum adding politics is no longer allowed, the administrator did not know what he was doing or the administrator is pro Obama!

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