Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: When image Quakity does not matter any longer

Hello Harold66: I couldn't agree more! Currently, I'm deciding between a GRD IV and the RX100. What is most important is how the flow and usability works when shooting. If one can access the menus to fine-tune the parameters desired for taking the shot QUICKLY, then that's a big plus for me. Also, I'd rather read a word vs. looking at an icon to determine what I'm trying to achieve by input.

Finally, there's the "soul" that is captured by a combination of good lenses, software and photographer computing. I see this soul in the GRD IV pics that I've viewed. They remind me of film, which I used for over 40 (forty) years. Yup, I'm THAT old and began photographing when I was in the 7th grade (1962). So, I've been at it for 50 (fifty) years.

I thank-you for your thoughts. Most appreciated!


Harold66 wrote:

Hello everyone

I have not been posting on the Ricoh forum in a while but I admit being surprised that on this 2 page thread ,no one has mentioned the obvious.

Personally I have no doubt that with a larger and more recent sensor , the IQ of the RX100 is higher than the Grd IV but does not matter

Let me explain : The Rx is presented as a carry-everywhere camera , you know the one you would always have with you for those you never-know kind of thing. So let me ask how many of you are willing to have a LCD only as your carry everywhere camera.

Most of us take pictures outside and in most sunny situations the Lcd is useless to compose

Plus if you are a GRD user you know how important how it is to choose your camera parameters, to be able to recall them with one turn of the wheel...

what do you do with a camera that has nice IQ but makes you miss most of these photo opportunities because you could not see what you were aiming at or you were not quick enough to adjust all the parameters

in today's industry, there is always a " better" camera ( at least that's what the marketing department would want us to believe) with a more recent sensor and a new feature BUT that does not mean you would take better pictures with it. Quite the opposite in fact !

Most people tend to underestimate the learning curve of a fundamentally different camera ( different brand, different user interface)

Simply put, the Sony is a very nice camera but aimed at a completely different type of user. Of course , some of you might enjoy owning ONE MORE digital gadget but at the end if the day, the less tools you have , the better you will become at mastering the tools you have


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